Learn about Artemonte

Artemonte is a leading brand and pioneer in the food sector that specialises in game derivatives. Located in the heart of Sierra Morena, on the Andalucia-Castilla-La Mancha border, at Artemonte our efforts and dreams are aimed at the production of different types of products such as: sausages, patés, products in orza, brine conserves...

The success of Artemonte lies in the loyalty of its team with the values established when we opened our doors in 2005. The fundamental pillars on which our brand is built are a demonstration of our awareness of quality and distinction in the world of food and game:

  1. Conduct an exhaustive selection of raw materials.
  2. Seek out constant improvement in artisan production processes.
  3. Keep traditional recipes alive.

But there is more…

El equipo de personas que integramos Artemonte representamos el otro gran secreto de esta marca.

The team at Artemonte is the other great secret behind the success of this brand.
Furthermore, we have adapted to current technology and the demands of the sector. However, we never forget the artisan tradition that sets us apart from our competitors.

For this reason, at all levels of the business our work group consists of young people familiar with new techniques, processes and markets and employees from the area, the heirs to the secrets of the artisan tradition around us.


This symbiosis, together with the three fundamental pillars of the brand, results in products of the utmost quality and distinction.

International presence and expansion

Artemonte has a presence both within and outside Spain, and we do it with an ensign and gala of the quality and flavour of national game products.
At present, you can find Artemonte delicacies in many parts of Spain and countries in Europe such as Germany, France, England, Italy, Belgium and Portugal.
Our wish and aspiration is to spread the word about our products to as many cultures and palates as possible.

“Our greatest asset is the quality and artisan nature of our products”